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" HapaZome workshop In these summer months with the garden full of flowers I've been getting back into the art of Hape Zome It is a way of transferring the pigments of flowers and leaves onto cloth by hitting them with hammers! The name was coined and the technique explored by eco textile artist India Flint in 2006 when she made a floorcloth for a scene in a stage performance by beating leaves from roadside weeds and cemetery prunings and it now commonly known by this name although she acknowledges it is probably an ancient technique. Using flowers to color cloth has been done for thousands of years, until the mid-18th century natural dyes were the only option available for colouring fabric. The Cherokee certainly used it to decorate cloth and today in North America it is called flower pounding and is used as a way to preserve flowers and memories, usually by quilters or embroiders, who often embellish it with stitching, beading and quilting. If anyone is interested in a workshop let me know.

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