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Pottery classes

I teach a variety of evening classes and one day workshops in ceramics

Small classes, friendly atmosphere. See below for dates

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Stoneware Handbuilding 4 week evening class
Monday 18th september to 9th October £180

This course is for complete beginners or those wanting to improve their hand building skills.

During the sessions you will learn how to make a mug, a plate and a bowl and explore various coloured slip decoration techniques.

The work will then be bisque fired and glaze fired ready for you collect a few weeks after from the studio.

All materials and firings are included in the cost

Making a hanging plant pot- £65             






Making a hanging plant pot-Hanging gardens of Hackney!

In this 4 hour workshop you will make 2 plant holders for succulent plants, in red terracotta clay, one free standing and one hanging pot. They will be fired and ready to pick up later with a selection of plants and hanging material.

The workshop introduces you to the pinch pot method, and surface decoration can be explored by stamping, impressions or additions of cut clay shapes.

No previous experience of pottery needed.



 Make a Roman oil lamp -£45 





Make a working replica Roman oil lamp in clay.

These lamps use olive, or other cooking oil, and a wick and are lit like a candle.

The workshop offers an introduction to pottery techniques, including using a press mould, joining clay, fettling and finishing and the experience of making a ceramic oil lamp, using the same techniques and materials as the Romans did!

You will get your beautiful, functioning Roman lamp with a wick and a leaflet about its origin. Ready to use!


Small dish and a soapdish -£42   

Sunday June 12th 10.30-1pm

Pottery and plants, what a great combination!

 In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn how to form a small round dish, and also make a rectangular soap dish. An amazing pattern can be added by applying fresh foliage. 

If you wish there will be a chance to add coloured underglaze to the leaves. The pieces will dried, bisque fired, the glazed and fired again, ready for you to pick a some weeks later.

To book email


 There will be a short break in the middle of the workshops where tea is provided. Your pieces will be fired and should be available for collection from the studio a few weeks later.


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